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education Without Borders


Education WithOut Borders (EWOB) is an Oregon nonprofit organization. Our mission is to improve people's lives through educational projects that share knowledge and resources to find solutions to some of the world’s most urgent problems: illiteracy, disease, poverty, racism, sexism, homophobia, environmental destruction, and war.

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what we do

EWOB acts as an umbrella organization for artists, culture workers, educators and students to do research and teach in their local communities and abroad.


  • We work with communities to create new and innovative educational programs tailored to their needs.

  • We collaborate with public and private institutions and community organizations to provide lecturers, volunteers and educational materials, including books, illustrations, and multi-media presentations.

  • We also use visual and performing arts as a means to introduce a diversity of cultural experiences and to make learning fun for young and old alike.

  • One of our main goals is to provide more resources for under-represented minorities, students, workers, immigrants and women.

  • We work locally, regionally, nationally, and globally to achieve our aims.


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EWOB hosts many fundraisers and benefits throughout the year to showcase our work. Check out our upcoming calendar of events.


Our blog gives you the latest info on what we're working on.


Our goals include developing alternative creative curricula, to empower students and teachers to think critically, and to act independently.


 Check out our News section to read more about EWOB's programs and the work we're doing for communities all around the world.


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